The Importance of Being a Juror

In the United States, jury service is a responsibility of citizenship and civic duty. In our free society, the jury trial is the ultimate tool for peaceably and fairly resolving disputes. The goal of a jury trial is simply to do justice. In a jury trial, the authority to determine the facts and reach a decision rests not with the government, but with a jury. In our system of checks and balances, the jury is our final check, the people's last safeguard against unjust laws and tyranny.

If you don’t show up, the system fails and unjust laws are imposed on the innocent and the guilty. Only when you are called and show up will the system work as designed.

We understand that some of you have not been called and your local legislators have proposed bills to change how citizens are selected for jury duty. But when you are called, GO!

GO, because your life does depend on it……when you don’t show up, injustice does and we want a system that upholds justice and not the agendas and opinions of a select few.

Thomas Jefferson said that “the execution of the law is more important than the making of the law.” That means that your duty as a juror is more important than that of your legislator. Your role is more important to the issuance of justice than any other role.

You are the gatekeepers of justice and you should be proud to sit and serve on a jury. Say to yourself: